Social Media Management and Maintenance


Post scheduling and content: We will develop, manage and maintain a pre-approved schedule of client guided posts focusing on touch points, opportunities for people to interact with the client, and opportunities to listen to and react to other experts in their field.


Management: We will assist in updating content, commenting on outside posts and monitoring follows, likes and responses w/ 24 hour response guarantee.

Relationship Management: We will enhance and strengthen customer relationships through social media interactions, original content development and  increased audience engagement.

Promoted Posts and Social Media Advertising: Upon prior approval our social media marketing specialists will create an advertising plan to fit your budget and enable you to make sure your posts and SM Ads are seen by your target audience using geo-targeting and matches the form or function of the content to your exact target audience.

Monthly Reporting: A monthly report will be provided highlighting competitive benchmarking, social media audience insights and social media reach analytics and performance statistics.

Social Media Tactics (PHASE I)​​​​​​​​​​
Successful social media strategies include the implementation of the following tactics: Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, blogs, e-blasts, market research, and an aggressive daily social media post campaign on an ongoing basis.


Set up or optimize accounts on most popular, relevant or most visited platforms by client target audience. Set up and optimize account profiles create and upload custom branded artwork to reinforce client’s brand online presence. Ongoing social media strategies will incorporate blogs, e-blasts, market research and an aggressive preapproved social media post campaign.

Social Media Advertising (PHASE III)

Every brand needs a voice and social media is the new word of mouth. Our social media specialists will analysis marketing trends in the Client’s industry and craft and communicate Client’s voice to a select targeted audience providing results driven, measurable on line advertising programs. Social media has become a powerful tool to communicate and establish a relationship directly with targeted industry specific audience.
Our social media advertising experts will develop and launch an advertising strategy for Client utilizing advanced knowledge and marketing tools. Targeted Social Media pay per click campaigns and promoted posts are incorporated into overall strategy to target interests, demographics and relationships.

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